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Increasing Your Internet Presence

It all starts with HOW people use the internet to find companies like yours. People use the major search engines like Google, MSN, Yahoo, AOL, Ask Jeeves and so on. They don’t always know the actual names of companies they’re looking for but they DO know the type of product or service they’re looking for and so that’s the search request they make. In order to find the companies that do what they want Gather Australia they’ll type in a search request like “BC construction,” or “glass sheet Prince George,” or “truss suppliers.”

People don’t necessarily get what they EXPECT from a search engine

What many people expect to find when they perform such a generic search is a listing of companies that match their search request. In a way, they get what they’re looking for, but in another way they don’t. If they’re looking for companies who provide a specific type of product or service related to construction or landscaping they won’t get a nice orderly listing of those companies from the major search engine. But what the search engines WILL give them is BCdex, the BC Construction and Landscaping Network. It’s at BCdex where they’ll find what they’re looking for.

Is the internet a WASTE of time and money?

Many people believe that all they have to do is get their own web site and that people looking for what they do will find them using the search engines. This is just simply not the case with the vast majority of company web sites. You may have even talked to someone in a business who’d put up their own web site and had later said something like, “No, you don’t get any business from the internet. It’s a waste of time and money!” But the reason a company like that didn’t get any business from their web site was because of their misconceptions concerning the internet.

The individual search engines operate in a number of different ways, using a variety of criterion in determining which sites they will carry and in what order of relevance they’ll list those sites when people make a specific search request. Who they will carry and what criterion they use to establish relevance is information that is tightly and secretly held within the management of each search engine company. But as far as our guy in the company who didn’t get any business from his web siteis concerned, all he knows is that the internet didn’t work for him and he doesn’t care about all this junk on how search engines do or don’t work.

Just HOW do people use search engines?

The stark reality is that people making a search request will very rarely look anywhere beyond the first 50 search results, most will stop looking after the first 20 and many will only look up to the first 10. Now, in many cases, the search engines have found and listed hundreds of thousands of web sites that match the search request. You can guess where the web site of our guy who never got any business from the internet was listed, if it was listed at all. And this situation is not at all unusual. Think about it. How could the search engines possibly list each one of the thousands of sites in the first 50 results?

How is BCdex any BETTER?

That’s where BCdex comes in. BCdex IS listed in the first 50 results. As a matter of fact BCdex is usually listed in the first 10 results. And, as another matter of fact, BCdex is very often listed as the No. 1 result when people are searching for construction and landscaping related services in B.C. and for product suppliers and manufacturers worldwide. That’s how people find out about BCdex and that’s how people find out about companies listed on BCdex.

Then, people who need construction or landscaping services on a regular basis, like General Contractors, Property Managers, Building Owners and so on, will Bookmark our site. As a matter of fact much of the daily traffic to BCdex is from people who have Bookmarked our site and who use it to find the businesses they’re going to use on upcoming projects.

Call us what you want, an online trade show, a giant construction and landscaping department store or whatever, every day hundreds of people come into BCdex shopping for the types of products and services offered by the businesses listed here. Whether you are here or not, these people are going to find what they’re looking for and many will be making a purchase or entering into a contract with someone they find here.